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A Ukrainian agency specializing in lie detection using a polygraph. Polygraph.Lab is one of the few Ukrainian agencies that use the standards of the American Polygraph Association in their work. All tests are performed with equipment from Lafayette Instrument Company, a leading American polygraph manufacturer.

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>7 years
of continuous
>2200 conducted

“My goal is to shape an attitude towards using a polygraph as a common practice.”

Our customers’ typical problems

  • Business

    ~ Are you uncertain of a job candidate’s good faith?

    ~ Do you suspect that your employees are slacking off?

    ~ Is it hard to understand why your profits are gone and who is to blame?

  • Individuals

    ~ Has the driver started to fuel the car more often?

    ~ Is your confidence in your personal assistant shaken?

    ~ Are you uncertain of your nanny’s, cook’s, or housekeeper’s honesty?

  • Government agencies

    ~ Do you need a reliable way to confirm your good faith?

    ~ Do you want to be open to your audience?

    ~ Do you want to gain more trust?

  • Additional

    ~ Are you facing allegations of something that you have nothing to do with?

    ~ Have you been handed test results that you would like to know how to use correctly?

    ~ Are you unsure whether you should initiate polygraph testing of a close friend, relative, or partner?

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How to solve them with  Polygraph.Lab

  • Business

    Using a polygraph in the hiring process, to test current employees, or for in-house investigation.

  • Individuals

    Testing domestic staff (drivers, personal assistants, cooks, nannies, housekeepers, etc.)

  • Government agencies

    Introducing polygraph testing as a new instrument of control to combat corruption.

  • Additional

    Consulting, clarifying third-party test results, etc.

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The confidential nature of most cases and our responsibility in handling details requires a personal contact.

You can get a preliminary consultation by phone or by filling out an electronic form.

(050) 387-63-45
(044) 278-83-83

We are ready to answer your questions Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Why customers choose us

  • We operate in full compliance with the standards of the American Polygraph Association

  • We use equipment from Lafayette Instrument Company, a leading American polygraph manufacturer

  • We use an individual approach to each customer and guarantee results according to the task we are charged with