How we work

We know exactly what you want to gain from cooperation with Polygraph.Lab, and this is why we always notice small details and scrutinize each task. We do our work scrupulously and try to exceed your expectations.
We maintain confidentiality unconditionally and take an individual approach to each customer.

  • Application

    You can submit an application through our website for us to contact you, or call us at: (044) 278-83-83; (050) 387-63-45

  • Appointment

    We make an appointment at a time convenient to you, during which we define clearly the task Polygraph.Lab is charged with, offer you different solutions to the problem, and set deadlines for completion of work and presentation of results.

  • Defining work tactics

    We elaborate all possible variants of tactics for testing, taking into account each and every detail or your request

  • Coordination of previously formulated questions

    If necessary, we coordinate the preliminary formulations of questions with you

  • Testing

    Our experts perform testing in full compliance with the standards of the American Polygraph Association, using equipment from a leading American polygraph manufacturer

  • Results

    You get the results in writing within the time established while placing an order

What questions are most frequently asked by our customers?

Polygraph.Lab services

When providing services, we aim to establish a long-term partnership with our customers. We are certain that our employees’ expertise and a flexible approach to the discussion of business terms and conditions will help us solve your problems in the best way possible!

  • Business

    Using a polygraph in the hiring process, to test current employees, or for in-house investigation.

  • Individuals

    Testing domestic staff (drivers, personal assistants, cooks, nannies, housekeepers, etc.)

  • Government agencies

    Introducing polygraph testing as a new instrument of control to combat corruption.

  • Additional

    Consulting, clarifying third-party test results, etc.

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The confidential nature of most cases and our responsibility in handling details requires a personal contact. 

You can get a preliminary consultation by phone or by filling out an electronic form on our website.

(050) 387-63-45
(044) 278-83-83

We are ready to answer your questions Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.