Polygraph.Lab provides instrumental lie detection services to organizations and individuals. We work using modern American equipment, in compliance with the standards of the American Polygraph Association.

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  • We offer you an opportunity to set up a comprehensive hiring system using a polygraph. We know how to do this and can describe all advantages and disadvantages of this system, so that you can make your own conclusions as to whether it will be of use for your business.


    We are ready to participate in in-house investigations. After all, for any place where people work with money, information, or any other thing carrying a risk, the most important things are trust and loyalty. We will help you ensure adequate control over this.



    Our customers’ typical problems and solutions
    to them with Polygraph.Lab

    • Personnel security


      Very often you have to act blindfold when hiring a person based solely on their immaculate CV or positive references. After all, a candidate might conceal a lot of things just to get a job at your successful company. As a result, you risk being deceived, and the employment of such an “expert” may cause negative consequences.

      During an interview, you can never know for sure whether the candidate was fired by their previous employee, or whether they collected kickbacks on contracts, disclosed any confidential information, or committed other gross violations at the previous job – because each candidate would try to look their best during an interview and not give an honest answer to any of these questions.




      An incoming test – will make it possible to determine a candidate’s trustworthiness and to eliminate those who, from the very beginning of their employment, try to deceive the employer (by concealing important information about themselves), which can cause risks for your business in future.

      Testing can help you determine the following:

      • reliability of biographical data (whether there is any incomplete or deliberately distorted information in the CV);
      • true reasons for leaving previous jobs;
      • reasons for applying for the job (being instructed by competitors, etc.);
      • any bad habits that may affect official duty performance (alcohol or drug abuse, problem gambling, etc.);
      • any problem loans or other financial obligations;
      • any socially dangerous diseases;
      • any previous participation in corruption schemes or commitment of gross official violations;
      • any criminal record or current ties to the criminal environment;
      • any previous embezzlements;
      • any disclosures of confidential information;
      • other issues relevant for the employer, to be discussed individually.
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    • Controlling employee performance


      Unfortunately, no employer can completely control all of the employees without using additional instruments of control. This is especially true for an employee who has been working for the company for a long time and has gained a high level of trust.

      However, most violations are committed by employees precisely when they are certain they will not be exposed or when the violation is impossible to control. It is at the moment when the employer completely trusts the employee that this usually happens.

      By introducing polygraph testing for your current employees, you will ensure timely detection of violations and a possibility to take the necessary protective and preventive measures at the right time. This is because the main advantage of this type of testing is its preventive nature, which implies restraining employees from violating their official duties.



      Periodic testing – will ensure timely detection of violations, which will make it possible to take the necessary protective and preventive measures at the right time.


      • Situational testing – is for when an employee’s duties or responsibilities change considerably due to their promotion or an expansion of their authorities. It is for cases when you are not 100 percent sure that this particular employee is worthy of a promotion or a transfer to another position.


      • Selective testing – is a preventive check performed out of turn (by random choice) or in a situation when there are signals of violation. It is for cases when you are beginning to doubt the loyalty of a particular employee.
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    • In-house investigation


      It is always hard to be sure that the offender has been punished for their actions. Moreover, there is a great risk of justifying the involved person and accusing the uninvolved one.

      By using a polygraph for in-house investigations, you make sure that it is the guilty person who has been punished. You will know for certain who is involved in the situation.



      Special testing during an in-house investigation will enable you to:


      • limit the pool of suspects and possibly involved persons;
      • assess the truthfulness of the provided information;
      • obtain information necessary to search for evidence;
      • help justify an unreasonably accused person;
      • restore mutual trust.
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  • Testing domestic staff (drivers, personal assistants, cooks, nannies, housekeepers) will help you eliminate untrustworthy candidates and check their current employment.

    Moreover, you can take a polygraph test yourself, to dispel any unreasonable suspicions or doubts other people have about you and restore trust in personal relationships.



    Our customers’ typical problems and solutions
    to them with Polygraph.Lab

    • Doubts about your domestic staff’s decency


      When a driver, a housekeeper, a nanny, a cook, or any other domestic staff member enters your home, it is not merely a question of employment. You are letting another person into your home, entrusting them with your child, your property, and, to an extent, even your private life; however, these people may not always be what they seem at first glance. They are not always worthy of your trust.



      By testing domestic staff during employment and 6 to 12 months after employment, you make sure that an honest and trustworthy person is working for you.

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    • Someone has unreasonable doubts about you


      Are you facing mistrust from other people? This happens in virtually every relationship. However, it is up to you to choose what to do next: whether to leave things as they are and aggravate the mistrust or prove that the accusations towards you are unjustified.



      Initiate testing for yourself. Give honest answers to questions that have caused problems in your relationship.

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  • The community is increasingly demanding entry or periodic polygraph testing for middle- and top-ranking officials. This testing is meant to detect a corruption element in the past jobs as well as in the current one, and to check whether a candidate for a responsible government position is concealing any important facts of their life.


    Polygraph.Lab performs polygraph testing during political campaigns, employment interviews for government positions, or to confirm the loyalty of currently working officials.

  • We will offer you a professional consultation on the following:

    • How to prepare for polygraph testing?

    • What should you be watchful of during testing?

    • What questions need to be clarified before testing?

    • How to react when you are offered to take a polygraph test?

    • In what cases should a polygraph be used?

    • Your rights in a future testing situation, etc.

Our advantages

  • We operate in full compliance with the standards of the American Polygraph Association

  • We use equipment from Lafayette Instrument Company, a leading American polygraph manufacturer

  • We use an individual approach to each customer and guarantee results according to the task we are charged with


The confidential nature of most cases and our responsibility in handling details requires a personal contact. 

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